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Tarot For the Location of Justin Brian Hall

This Tarot reading was originally done on December 16, 2011.

This tarot reading is for Justin Brian Hall, 40, who has gone missing from Coconino county, Arizona. He has been missing since Sept. 7, 2011; he was house-sitting at a residence on Leupp Road near milepost 442, just west of the Navajo Reservation, in Coconino, Arizona, when he disappeared.

I have asked tarot to please tell us "What happened to Justin Brian Hall, and where is he now?". I have used the Major Arcana for this reading.

The card which tarot has given in response to this question is Number 3, The Empress.

The Empress sits upon a lavish couch/seat in the middle of the wilderness and her robe appears to be decorated with many instances of something that is red with black spots on top and white on the bottom. I am seeing it as a mushroom today in my mind's eye, very clearly. ("Officially" speaking, they are pomegranates.)

She wears a crown of stars*. The scenery surrounding her is of both evergreens and deciduous trees, a winding stream ending in a small waterfall, and browned grasses underfoot (said to be a field of wheat). The sky is yellow, reminding me of sunrise or, even more so, of sunset. This is a very female-related card, but the overall sense I get from it in this reading is one of "Mother Nature".

I refer to several guidebooks when interpreting tarot cards, as well as relying on my gut instinct. One of my books regards this card as a sign of "number of days" in regards to the questioned event.. while I did not ask tarot when Justin would be found, I will note that this card's number is 3 and that this card is said to represent "number of days", because I wouldn't want to leave that information out and find out later that it was relevant. Of course I do not know if this would be "3 days from today" or "third day" of something, or what. This will remain to be seen.

I will also note that the number 3 often indicates a situation involving more than one person.

The Empress card can indicate something "clandestine" as well.

This card describes someone who is currently very thoughtful - it describes a focus on "being" rather than "doing", and hints at a person who is currently in between "projects" or "obsessions" .. someone who is seeking something fulfilling/creative to spend their time and energy on but who hasn't found that focus quite yet. There is a sense of wanting to create something but not knowing what it is that the gut feeling is telling them to do, which creates a sense of disease or feeling "antsy".

Nature is going to be the relaxing, calming element that will be a response to this urge to "do something" and may lead to a sense of inner realization or deeper understanding of one's spiritual side.

There may be a female connection here, and/or a relationship that needs to be thought out, and a conclusion of "I have to stop worrying and go with the flow on this situation" will be/will have been reached regarding this situation that caused such introspection for awhile, but not without spending a good bit of time holding back and "biting one's tongue" first. There's a sense of not being able to really communicate what's going on inside, and this causes feelings of frustration.

The Empress also indicates the thought of a move, but the choice to wait. There is a definite outdoors and nature connection to this card, and the sense of travel without travelling.. maybe going for a hike? A short day trip that intends to end with returning home? But definitely some kind of short travel is involved though it is definitely intended to end with returning to the place where he left from (not a permanent move away).

There could also be problems with paperwork, and the tendency to just deal with it later isn't going to work this time. These papers should really be looked at by a professional who will understand the full meaning of them, or at least they need to be REALLY scrutinized.

The Empress card can indicate that something has been overlooked which leads to a delay in something. I have to wonder if some clue has been missed which is causing a delay in locating Justin..

The Empress' sign is Venus which relates to love/intimacy/artistic talent. She is usually a sign of maternal love and fertility.

Overall this card tells me of someone who is quietly dealing with emotional/relationship questions that they are feeling, and who is currently feeling the urge/need to be creative and/or be one with nature. To me, in this particular reading, this card encompasses the realm of emotions and thoughts and puts a back seat on actions.

I almost want to interpret this tarot reading as "he has gone off to be alone and think things through" but I don't know why that is my overwhelming urge.

I hope that is true of course but I cannot know for sure what has happened to Justin until he is found -- hopefully very soon, and safe.

- JenniferB, December 16, 2011


The card I got when I read Justin's tarot for location was The Empress card, pictured here: 

I posted the following comment regarding this reading on December 17, 2011:

"I Think my "
sunset" and "3" could refer to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument on Route 3, but it's an hour away by car so don't know .."

I posted the following comments regarding this reading on December 18, 2011:

"It looks like she's sitting in that volcanic ash stuff..."

"Yesterday [December 17, 2011] I felt frustrated and stuck ... and thought maybe I was empathing "frustrated and stuck" [from Justin]. I kept staring at stuff [on the map] that didn't make any sense to me, it looked like craters and ash and sand. Turned out it WAS volcanic ash craters!! Today it looked much clearer to me than yesterday."

I posted this December 24, 2011 at 11:30pm:

"This photo gives me chills - it's description and captions say:
"Finally, a road winds north from Sunset Crater toward Wupatki National Monument; along this road, the Cinder Hills Overlook gives a look at the northeast side of Sunset Crater, including the red-rock rim that gave it its name."

"Sunset Crater's northeastern side. A thousand years old, and the upper part of the cone is still bare rock."

source: "


(I now know the significance of the above post I made last December. The northeastern side of Sunset Crater would have been perhaps the most notable landmark from where Justin was recently found, as noted below. I was not the only person working this case who asked Justin to show them what he saw as if they were looking out of his eyes. I'm so very sorry that I did not understand until it was too late.)


UPDATES - November 29, 2012 - Justin's earthly remains have been found:

"A skeleton found by a rancher northeast of Flagstaff has been identified as a man who went missing in September 2011.

The remains were found over the weekend in the area of Roden Crater outside Flagstaff. Coconino County Sheriff's Office officials say they been identified as those of 40-year-old Justin Brian Hall."


His sister, Jenny Lynn Hall, has been in close contact with me throughout Justin's disappearance and eventual recovery. She shared the following information with me regarding Justin's remains being discovered:

"He was found 12* miles NW of where he was housesitting on a cattle ranch. It was a flat area with a lot of bushes and very deep cinders, almost like walking in snow. he had a small black backpack and a road map of the area where he was found. He also had 2 head lights with him (you know the flashlights you wear on your head). The coroner called us earlier and said that they could not determine a cause of death from the remains."

* I feel bad that I neglected to mention that traditionally there is significance found in the 12 stars that make up The Empress' crown.

Other Misc. "hits" on this case:

On December 24, 2011 I said that I had gotten a reference to "Eagle" from Justin. Later the housemate he was house-sitting for replied that she and Justin had rescued and helped to raise and rehab a baby golden eagle.

On December 20, 2011 I got "Holy shit, snow!" from Justin strongly. Whether this was literal, or a reference to the cinders being "as deep as snow" as his sister stated, I am unsure since there actually was a ton of snow in that general part of Arizona last year.


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  1. Jennifer: I was led to Leupp exit off I40 to US99 to a place that I believe involves Justin's death. It was this last Sept. and how I got to this place can only be described as devine intervention. I did not know about this missing man until just before his body was discovered in Nov. I believe that I have walked with the person who had something to do with Justin's death. Since Sept. I've searched this area over and over again because I knew something was not right out there and I walked right into it. I need to find out if the woman who Justin was housesitting for was an avid swimmer. Another thing: I believe that the person who killed the chickens did this out of spite. This woman knows the person that killed Justin, but she is unaware of having this knowledge. Can you find out anything from the autopsy report regarding any unexplained breaks in the bones of the forehead,neck,right arm, or knee. For some reason, I get the impression that the woman does not eat her chickens as they are laying hens. The heads of the chickens were ripped off in vengence, I believe, in a rage of jealousy. He took a shower afterwards and cleaned up the house. I see someone covered in feathers and blood. Was Justin's car a two-tone creme/light color? Another thing: When I was looking at a map of the area, before they found his body, I discovered Roden Crater. I believe that there are many bodies to be found at Sunset and other major geological sites surrounding this area. I was told I need to find evidence of my claims, I believe I know, but I need help.